Preparations for African Games 2023 progressing steadily—Brobby


‘Sir’ Reks Brobby, a member of the Local Organising Committee (LOC) of the African Games to be held in Accra Ghana says work is progressing steadily at Legon and Borteyman, and Ghana will organize one of the best African Games.

He is the founder of the GNPC Ghana Fastest Human that produced athletes at the 2020 Olympic Games, and a former Olympian at the 1984 Los Angeles Games and promotes sales for sports apparel in the World called Adidas.

He posted on his Facebook wall; “One of the mandates the Local Organizing Committee for the 13th African Games, Accra 2023 must do is to make sure the athletics oval at UG is upgraded to be able to be certified by the World Athletics body so that when a time is run there it will be accepted in the World.

For this official certification to take place, Ghana must have another track, a warm-up track, within 5 minutes walking distance from the main stadium at UG so today I’m here to inspect the progress of work on the warm-up track and meet with the contractors…

So far, so Good and with God NEVER making mistakes, we WILL STAGE THE BEST OLYMPIC GAMES OF AFRICA come opening day, Friday, August 4th, 2023, Founder’s day, so help us, God!”

The next stop, is Borteyman, where we will have all the indoor sports, tennis with a center court, and the aquatic Complex.

13th African Games, Accra 2023 anaa, NO SIZE!!!