Nana Addo’s Cathedral: Must he kill us to fulfill his promise? Yussif Abdul Basit asks NPP Communicators


An ordinary citizen has questioned the rationale behind Nana Akufo – Addo’s decision to build a National Cathedral despite widespread opposition and public outcry the decision has attracted.

In a swift response to a comment by an NPP social media communicator on facebook, Yussif Abdul Basit, asked whether the Government needed to “kill” Ghanaians just because he made a personal pledge to build a National Cathedral to honour God.

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“If he makes a promise, must he kill us to fulfill it?

Is it by force? How many promises didn’t he abandoned?

You can’t pay common NSS, NABCO, you have not supply the curriculum books to students, we were all in this country when government said Ghana is broke and without e-levy, government can not even pay salaries in the few months to come.

Cocoa farmers are complaining of bad roads to transport their produce, flood is sweeping away the capital city. Fuel prices are putting pressure on people cost of living, food products in market are skyrocketing Etc.

Yet GHC25m is pushed to build a cathedral for God??

Insane country

God is not hungry, please” 🙏