A youth group in Wa has expressed anger and disappointment at the overlord of the Waala traditional area, Naa Seidu Fuseini VI, over his decision to disassociate himself and condemn the flogging of the two lovers whose nude videos went viral on social media.

According to them, the flogging of the two lovers was sanctioned by the overlord, a reason why his palace was used to orchestrate the crime.

The youth protested and besieged the Upper West regional police headquarters last night, demanding the immediate release of three of their members who were arrested for their alleged involvement in the flogging of a couple, which has received condemnation from some Ghanaians.

One of their leaders, who spoke on condition of anonymity, expressed their misgivings about comments made by the spokesperson for the Waala traditional council, Jinpenhi Naa Ibrahim Kadiri, and demanded his immediate expulsion from the Wa town.

He opined that they will stop at nothing to ensure their colleagues are released.

“We are not going to stop [demanding the release of our colleagues]. Even village chiefs stand by their words. For our paramount chief, we know he is sick, but the words of his spokesperson betrayed us. How can you sanction something and turn around to deny it? His spokesperson must leave Wa”.

Meanwhile, calm has been restored in the Wa township with heavy police presence at the Upper West regional police command.