Opinion: Dampaare’s letter is only a strategy to divert attention from the issues of corruption amongst the rank and file of the NPP


In order to divert attention from their #Monetized Regional Executive Elections over the weekend, they smartly wrote a letter for Dampaare to sign.

Yes! And, it’s working perfectly. Bravo to the NPP Communication strategists.

Folks, please let’s not fall for their P.R. machinations. Dampaare’s letter is only a strategy to divert attention from the issues of corruption amongst the rank and file of the NPP.

In any case, when was Oliver Baker Vormawor arrested? When did the British high commissioner make her comments? Why is it that the IGP is now reacting? No wonder they had to backdate the letter.

Even though I agree the IGP’s conduct will and has cast a dent on our reputation as a nation on the international front, I strongly feel that reputation has already been lost.

Let’s focus on the very important issues that affect us as a people. Corruption, mismanagement of public funds and State-Owned Enterprises, E-Levy, Agyapa, etc.

Just last Saturday, apart from the extravagant branding of venues used for the NPP Regional Delegates Conference nationwide, the dishing out of huge sums of monies to party delegates is worthy of serious condemnation.

According to reports, Wotumi paid GHS10,000 to each of the over 900 delegates, Asare Bediako paid GHS1,000, Koka paid 7,000 each, Abronye paid 7,000 the list goes on …wait o…interestingly, this was just at the Regional Level o.

What then must we expect when it gets to the National Executives level, what about the Presidential and Parliamentary Primaries; and ultimately, the 2024 Parliamentary and Presidential general elections. Clearly, we are in for trouble. Where did they get such monies from?

So these people who are in Government have these huge sums of money at their disposal and yet they keep running to the international community to take loans that we have to pay back at very high-interest rates? Or it is because they benefit from such foreign loans?

Again, what about the 500 Excavators that got missing, the raiding and looting at our various small-scale mining areas under the guise of #FightingGalamsey.

Is this the reason we have to pay the many taxes including E-Levy,? Could it be the reason they are seeking to increase utility bills? Is this why they are bent on bringing Agyapa back to Parliament?

Hmm! No wonder they were all over, shouting 4more4Nana, 4more4NPP. Same reason they are now shouting #BreakTheEight.


For me, as the NPP is bent on holding onto power by #BreakingTheEight, my humble prayer to GOD ALMIGHTY is for him to #BraekTheCurse bestowed on us a nation.