(1) A licence issued under this Act may be subject to conditions that the Authority considers necessary in line with the objectives of the Authority.

(2) Without limiting the power conferred on the Authority under this Act or the National Communications Authority Act, 2008 (Act 769), each individual licence or class licence shall contain conditions that include:

(a) a requirement for the effective and efficient use of scarce resources such as radio frequencies, numbers and rights-of way;

(b) the networks and services which the licensee is entitled to operate or provide and the networks to which the licencee’s network can or cannot be connected;

(c) the duration of the licence;

(d) the build out of the licensee’s network and geographical and subscriber targets for the provision of the licensee’s services,

(e) provision of telephone numbers for emergency services;

(f) obligations to provide certain information to the Authority for regulatory and statistical purposes and to make public non-proprietary information;

(g) obligations that relate to customer protection;

(h) obligations to provide customer database information for a universal directory;

(i) the provision of services to rural or sparsely populated areas or other specified areas in which it would otherwise be uneconomical to provide service;

(j) the provision of services to persons with disability and other social responsibility obligations; 

(k) contribution towards the provision of universal service and access; 

(l) the payment of licence fees; 

(m) obligations that relate to interconnection of networks and interoperability of services, data protection and the avoidance of harmful interference; 

(n) infrastructure sharing obligations; 

(o) the control of anti-competitive conduct on the part of the licensee; 

(p) the provision to the Authority of documents and information required by the Authority for the performance of its functions; 

(q) the publication by the licensee of its charges and other terms and conditions of doing business;

(r) the provision by the licensee of directory information and directory inquiry services;

(s) the regulation of prices and the quality of the services provided by the licensee;

(t) the technical standards to be met by the licensee’s telecommunications network or service;

(u) the allocation to and use by the licensee of numbers;

(v) the transfer and the renewal of the licence and change of ownership in the shareholding of the licensee;

(w) prescriptions regarding national defence and public security; and 

(x) restriction on some of or all the conditions and modification of the duration of the licence.