Vanessa Phala is the Country Director of the International Labour Organization (ILO) Office for Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia and Sierra Leone

Vanessa Phala, the Country Director of the International Labour Organization (ILO) Office for Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia and Sierra Leone has urged Africa to adopt the ILO’s existing best practice strategies in the energy transition.

She said the UN agencies have put in place structures to support African governments in the transition period.

The world is gradually shifting from fossil-based systems of energy production and consumption — including oil, natural gas and coal — to renewable energy sources like wind and solar, as well as lithium-ion batteries.

In the year 2014 ILO adopted a transition policy and guidelines for the environment and sustainable society which basically provides a framework on how countries can begin to facilitate this transition.

“Issues around climate change are very important; for Ghana, we actually work with green job strategy towards the implementation plan and we are also preparing for COP 27 which will be hosted by Africa continent in Egypt, Ghana and many countries are strengthen effort on the national level through partnership development. 

She then urged the young people of Africa to explore the opportunities available around the green energy transition.


Speaking to journalists in Accra, Madam Phala revealed, that ILO Ghana is set to introduce the Productivity Ecosystems for Decent work in Ghana.

She said the ILO is in talks with related stakeholders to introduce the Productivity Ecosystems For Decent Work Project.

The Productivity Ecosystems for Decent Work Programme is a project by the ILO put together with the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD).

In 2021, the project was launched and is being implemented in various countries until 2025 when the project is expected to come to an end.

“The purpose of my mission this time around is of course to engage with our stakeholders and constituents.

“The office is expanding since the last time I was here there are a few other projects that we are implementing. This time around we are talking about a productivity ecosystem project,” the ILO country director for the Ghana office said.

We are building on the work that we have started with SCORE. We have met with several of our partners on the ground. The aim really is to procreate a solution that will be context-appropriate for Ghana and hence we are meeting with other stakeholders to really discuss how best to implement this project which by the way is implemented in Ghana, South Africa and Vietnam.

“This one we are looking at a much more comprehensive approach to productivity,” Vanessa Lerato Phala stressed while adding, “We are looking at the national level and basically say what are the key constraints to productivity and job creation in Ghana from the national level downwards.”

Vanessa  Phala revealed that there will be further meetings with the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations as well as others to help identify the sectors that will be best fit for the implementation of the Productivity Ecosystems for Decent Work Programme.


Speaking on the appointment of former Prime Minister of Togo Gilbert Houngbo as the new Director-General of the ILO, Vanessa Phala said it is refreshing to finally have an African, leading the organization.

She assured that the new Director-General will be given the necessary support to ensure he succeeds.

“It’s a good development for the entire continent. For the first time in the history of the ILO, over a hundred years of existence, we have never had a DG from the African continent so to have a DG from West Africa, Togo is a good thing for Africa.

“It’s a good thing for the ILO as a whole. We look forward to working with him and we look forward to supporting him. It’s very good progress,” Vanessa Phala stated.