The Global Center on Adaptation (GCA) is working with the Ghana Infrastructure and Investment Fund (GIIF) to secure accreditation to enable the country to tap into the Green Climate Fund.

The Green Climate Fund, with more than $10 billion, was created a few years ago to support climate-vulnerable countries to get climate finance flowing to them.

Professor Patrick Verkooijen, the Chief Executive Officer of the GCA, told Journalists in Accra that African countries were unable to access much of the funding from the Green Climate Fund because of the complicated procedures for accreditation for financial institutions.

“So that is why as part of the Africa adaptation acceleration programme we are supporting financial institutions to understand the rules of the game to get accredited and at the same time develop the proposals,” he said.

“So here in Ghana, we’re working with the Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund to get them accredited and to develop the proposal now in parallel so that when they’re fit for purpose, the proposal is there,” he added.