National Security laments thousands of prank calls to anti-terrorism call centre


The Ministry of National Security has urged Ghanaians to desist from unnecessary or prank calls to the emergency call centre.

It warned that these calls undermine the ability of law enforcement agencies to effectively respond to actual crises.

“Preliminary checks at the emergency call centres indicate that, in the first 30 hours following the launch of the campaign, over 10,000 calls have been made to the centre, of which the majority have been prank calls and calls to verify the operationality of the call line,” the ministry said.

This has led to “a development that has culminated in long call queues and delayed response to calls made to the centre.”

The National Security Ministry launched a citizen awareness campaign dubbed ‘See Something, Say Something’ to encourage people to report suspicious acts of terrorism.

The aim of this campaign is to improve vigilance among citizens in the wake of terrorism threats suspected by security analysts.

It forms part of the government’s operational strategy in collective efforts between security agencies and the citizens to safeguard the borders of the country.