31 Aspirants to contest Northern Regional NPP positions


A total of 31 aspirants have been vetted and cleared to contest the Northern Regional New Patriotic Party (NPP) executive positions.

As at close of vetting last Wednesday, no aspirant was disqualified from contesting the upcoming election.

The incumbent Regional Chairman, Mohammed Adam Bantima Samba, is slugging it out with Amadu Inusah and Ibrahim Mahama. The First Vice Chairman position is being contested by four aspirants.

The Second Vice Chairman position is being contested for by three aspirants.

With regard to the secretary position, four aspirants are eyeing it while the assistant secretary position is also being contested for by four candidates.

Two persons are going in for the treasurer position with two others also slugging it out for the organiser position. The incumbent Youth Organiser, Mohammed Alhassan, popularly known as
Alhassan Ghana, is also facing a stiff competition from two other aspirants.

Also for the Women’s Organiser position three aspirants are vying for the slot whereas the Nasara Coordinator position will have three aspirants contesting.