Hopefully, by 2024 we would see a sharp change in her posture and attitude otherwise – Mensah Thompson writes


This is Jean Mensa, I like her and I wish her well, a lot of us CSOs had a cordial working relationship with her predecessor Charlotte Osei which has transcended beyond her office (Madam Charlotte Osei still responds to my texts and answers my calls till date), a lot of people don’t know that Charlotte Osei and Jean Mensa are law school classmates, sat in the same class.

Both of them were taught in the law school by the venerable first female Attorney General Betty Mould Iddrisu and she partly mentored both of them.

On the contrary, Jean Mensa has closed in on that working cordiality medium that was left by her predecessor, my first encounter with Jean Mensa was at an IPAC meeting at Coconut Groove hotel, the EC had brought in some vendors to showcase to members of IPAC their BVR machines as the EC prepared to compile a new register ahead of the 2020 elections.

In that meeting, there was a bit of chaos as there were objections from some members of IPAC including the NDC who claimed that the process leading to this exhibition of BVR machines was too opaque and sudden, the NDC and other protesting groups after failing to get the EC to postpone the process to address their grievances decided to boycott the event.

After they the left the meeting, the EC was still continuing with the process so as an Observer I walked up to the EC boss in the company of her Police escort and her Deputy Bossman Asare and said Madam, I think the people who have boycotted this meeting are too important stakeholders for the process to continue without them so please can we suspend the process…

I didn’t even finish my statement and she retorted…” we are going on with the process with or without the NDC and the other groups, if they like they shouldn’t come, I don’t care”

This was when I realize this Country was in trouble and was up for one hell of a rollercoaster election in 2020 and so I wasn’t surprised when we lost 8 lives, it could have been worse.

Hopefully, by 2024 we would see a sharp change in her posture and attitude otherwise…we should brace ourselves up for a mega rollercoaster ride…one that could destabilize this Country for a long time!!