Hon. Sam Okudzeto Ablakwa condemns religious killing in Nigeria


Honourable am Okudzeto Ablakwa, Member of Parliament for Nortjh Tongu Constituency has condemned the gruesome killing of the female student in Nigeria.

In a statement he posted on his official Facebook page, he called fr a deep reflection on what future awaits Nigeria in the wake of extreme religious bigotry.

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The atrocious and gut-wrenching killing of Nigerian student, Deborah Samuel by her own schoolmates does not only demand loud universal condemnation, it calls for deep reflection on what future awaits Africa’s most populous country and our sub-region if students filled with such extreme religious bigotry and violent hatred become unrepentant adults.

In Ghana, a traumatizing moment like this offers us a glorious opportunity to pay glowing tribute to the majority of Ghana’s true religious leaders who have in both teachings and conduct promoted religious tolerance and kindness towards people of different faith — which Ghanaians mostly take for granted.

Ghana’s Chief Imam, Sheikh Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu, who famously marked his centenary by attending a Catholic church service in 2019; and who actively prevented conflict after his youthful devotees who were upset with a particular prophet notorious for his death wishes targeted his church when he this time put out a so-called prophecy predicting the Chief Imam’s death — a revelation which failed to materialize, raising doubts about its genuineness.

Sheikh Sharubutu’s legendary tolerant and unifying disposition continues to make him an internationally acclaimed symbol of religious tolerance — his colleagues on the continent must learn from him.

True Religion must be a source of love and kindness; not ugly antagonism.

Our Chief Imam — who makes us all proud, regardless of our individual religious or non-religious persuasions, has epitomized the peaceful Islamic principles below:

Had your Lord so willed, He would have certainly made humanity one single community ‘of believers but they will always ‘choose to” differ.— Surah Al-HOOD (ayat 118)Say, ‘O Prophet, ” ‘Come! Let me recite to you what your Lord has forbidden to you: do not associate others with Him “in worship’. “Do not fail to honor your parents”. Do not kill your children for fear of poverty. We provide for you and for them. Do not come near indecencies, openly or secretly. Do not take a ‘human’ life-made sacred by Allah-except with “legal’ right.

This is what He has commanded you, so perhaps you will understand.— Surah Al-Anam (Ayah 151) The believers are those who spend in charity during ease and hardship and who restrain their anger and pardon the people, for Allah loves the doers of good. — Surat Ali Imran 3:134