Residents of Damongo demand the demolition of structures on waterway


Residents of Atributo, a suburb of Damongo in the Savannah Region, are demanding the demolition of buildings on a waterway in the area.

They say the buildings, if not demolished, can worsen flood situations in the town.

In  2021, many houses were flooded in the area following a downpour.

The Savannah Regional Minister and the Director of the National Disaster Management Organisation directed people who were developing on the waterway to stop.

But some developers have continued, with one being used as a sachet water production centre.

The residents fear the buildings on the water will further worsen an already difficult situation.

Some youth of the area on Wednesday stormed the house of the unit committee chairman of the area to demand the buildings be pulled down by the assembly, or they do it themselves.

Speaking to, the chairman of the unit committee for the area, Majeed Bawa said the assembly must live up to expectations before the youth take matters into their hands.

“Some youth of the area came to my house and threatened to go and demolish those buildings themselves. We begged them to be patient. Unfortunately the assembly member and the MCE are not in town, but we want the owners to start moving.”

“We can’t allow this here, this is a waterway. Last year you saw what happened to us and people are building here. The assembly and town and country planning officer must explain how people are building here,” a member of the unit committee said.

“The water comes all the way from the mountains and town and passes through here to the bridge down there and now the way is being blocked, what do they want to happen to us? Our leaders must take their jobs seriously.”

Meanwhile, authorities of the assembly are not readily available for comment due to the strike by the Civil and Local Government Staff Association of Ghana.