Asempa FM’s multiple award-winning political talk show ‘Ekosiisen’ has raised over GH¢15,000 to reward a taxi driver, Isaac Ackon, for returning GH¢8,000 to a fishmonger-passenger who left the money in his cab.

The amount was raised within 30 minutes through donations from benevolent listeners who were touched by the kind gesture of Isaac Ackon.

Earlier in the day, social media went agog with a story of an honest taxi driver who returned a cash of GH¢8,400 to the owner.

In a video circulating on social media, three women, including the trader, were captured embracing the taxi driver while thanking him.

— Sir Alby (@Itz_Kwakwa) May 11, 2022

The host of ‘Ekosiisen’, Philip Osei Bonsu took it upon himself to personally praise the taxi driver for such honesty and asked benevolent listeners to help appreciate him.

“I think this young taxi driver needs to be appreciated in a big way. We have to send the signal that it pays to be honest.

“It is a value we should all cherish as Ghanaians. I am really proud of him,” OB said.

In an interview on ‘Ekosiisen’ on Wednesday, Isaac Ackon thanked the host and Ghanaians for the gesture.

Mr. Ackon recounted how the incident happened and the decision to return the cash to the trader.

“I saw the money in my car after closing from work, but after consulting with my wife briefly about it, I decided to return the cash. The simple reason is that I don’t take things that do not belong to me,” he stated.

Mr. Ackon further stated that in his seven-year history as a taxi driver, he has returned five phones that have been left in his car to their rightful owners.