The leadership of the Civil and Local Government Staff Association of Ghana (CLOGSAG), has again vowed not to return to work until their demands are met.

Members of CLOGSAG have been on strike for almost three weeks.

They are demanding the payment of the Political Neutrality Allowance. CLOGSAG says it will not back down until the government honours a payment plan agreed on in January 2022.

The leadership of the union met with the Parliamentary Select Committee on Local Government to discuss issues relating to the industrial action.

The Committee expressed optimism about resolving the concerns of members of CLOGSAG after the meeting.

However, it appears members of CLOGSAG will persist with their demands.

The Executive Secretary of CLOGSAG, Isaac Bampoe in an interview said: “The National Labour Commission gave a directive that Finance Ministry should come up with a payment plan to the Controller and Accountant General, and that is what we need to show to our Council to call off the strike. We know how we are measuring our strike, and we think it is successful. It must be a win-win situation.”

Meanwhile, the Vice-Chair of the Local Government Committee of Parliament, Suleman Sanid, has assured of his committee’s commitment to resolving the strike by CLOGSAG.

Speaking on the Citi Breakfast Show, Mr. Sanid said the committee members will not be distracted by partisan considerations.

He was speaking after the Local Government Committee and the leadership of CLOGSAG in Parliament met on Monday.

“We are not going to pander to the hawks and the hardliners on both sides. We are trying to do what is expected of us.”