We are in support of the planned strike by UDS Senior Staff – SSAUG


The National leadership of the Senior Staff Association of the Universities of Ghana (SSAUG) has backed its members at the University of Development Studies over their intention to embark on an indefinite strike as a result of delayed promotions among other things.

“We as national, we are also going to also support them,” the National President of the Association, Isaac Donkor, said to Citi News.

The leadership of the union at the university says the concerns that have necessitated the action cuts across other universities, as managers of the various institutions have failed to address these issues.

The UDS Chapter of the Association has among things blamed management’s failure to implement recommendations of the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission that addresses the qualification requirement for progression.

In an interview with Citi News, Mr. Donkor said his outfit will not tolerate intimidation of its members.

“Mind you, what is happening at UDS is not peculiar to UDS alone. There are a lot of campuses facing similar issues. For example, GIJ is also facing similar issues.”

“It cuts across the public universities in Ghana and senior staff in the year 2022 are not going to sit down for university management to intimidate our members, sit on our promotions and deny us the right to become senior members in public universities,” he said.