Man abandons wife during wedding ceremony after getting little money for dancing


In Nigeria, a young groom stormed out of his own wedding because his expectation wasn’t met and he might end up in debt.

Per what we gathered, the young man’s plan was to recuperate the large sum he spent on his wedding through cash donations from friends and relatives, but this never materialized.

Due to this, the groom stormed out of the church auditorium, screaming that he wouldn’t dance again, as shown in a video sighted.

He said that wedding guests merely sprayed him with a meagre N50 when he had expected more.

He then proceeded to remove his wedding suit, which increased the pressure on him as those around him continued to plead with him.

Given his demeanour when his best man and a woman posing as a bridesmaid pleaded with him, it’s possible he returned to continue the solemn occasion while muttering under his breath about how disappointed he was.

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