Netherlands airport: Afia Schwar denied boarding plane for being drunk


Ghanaian socialite Afia Schwar has been reportedly denied access to a plane in the Netherlands for being overly drunk.

At the Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, Afia Schwar was subjected to instant mockery by the crew and immigration officials who prevented her from entering the plane.

Per the video available, Afia Schwar was asked not to board the plane. She tried to talk the officials into allowing her entry into the plane but she was still denied.

As a result, Afia Schwar’s archrival Tornado has dragged her through the mud. According to him, the embarrassment Afia Schwar suffered was a testament to the fact that she was always up to something corny and her life was not a true reflection of whom she actually was.

Meanwhile, Afia Schwar has been on a tour of several European countries and has been making so much noise.

However, being denied boarding the Accra-bound plane has cast a huge doubt about her supposed tour and what she was up to.

Reacting to the news, Nana Tornado who is currently having a “beef” with Afia decided to drop more fila about the self-acclaimed social media influencer.

According to him, John Irvin Heerdegen Geiling, one of the twin sons of Afia impregnated a woman but failed to claim responsibility for the pregnancy. He eventually dumped the lady in question and moved on with his life as though nothing had happened.

Tornado had earlier alleged that John’s brother James Ian, is gay and his partner is one young man whose name he gave as Richie.