North Tongu member of parliament, Honourable Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa says Government is determined to further entrench their unconstitutional conduct by ignoring our widely publicized application for an injunction which has been duly served on their agents, assigns and privies including the GRA.

In a statement he posted on his official facebook page, reacting the President’s address to the nation last Thursday, Hon. Ablakwa indicated that 137 NDC MPs could not take a decision rejecting the 2022 Budget but 136 NPP MPs can take a decision passing the obnoxious, punitive, regressive, repugnant and unpopular E-Levy.

According to his statement, President Akufo-Addo who boldly and in public glare celebrated the Supreme Court’s verdict in the Abdulai case, knows his government is acting with obscene impunity and blatantly desecrating the very 1992 Constitution he urged all of us to respect in his national address commemorating thirty years of the referendum on the Constitution yesterday.

Hon. Ablakwa opined that the President’s message, therefore, appears to be: my government and I are above the Constitution — we are monarchs of all we survey and we don’t give a toss about the rule of law. We, however, expect and demand of the rest of you to obediently remain under the Constitution.

The NDC MP reiterated that his colleagues and himself will patriotically and doggedly continue to pursue this case at the Supreme Court which is expected to be heard on the 4th of May, 2022.

“We have also issued instructions to our lawyers to draw the apex court’s attention to the contemptuous conduct of the Akufo-Addo government and we hope to see what the court’s reaction would be.

There can be no greater or nobler calling than a mission to uphold and defend the 1992 Constitution of Ghana. And I must add — those acting with impunity and contempt should take note that the sovereignty of Ghana resides in the Ghanaian people.

True power belongs to the people. Very soon, when the people have had enough, and no longer desire a further deterioration into the abyss of a failed state, they shall rise like a volcanic eruption to defend the Constitution as good citizens are enjoined under Article 3 of the 1992 Constitution — that day may not be far from now.” The statement concluded.


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