Shocking: “My slay queen friend lured me to Dubai to eat feaces for $180K” – GH lady reveals


A Ghanaian lady has shared her horrible experience in Dubai, which has left a sour taste in her mouth.

According to her, many slay queens who fly to Dubai, go there to eat human faeces and partake in several fetishes for money.

Recounting her horrible experience where she was lured by a flashy friend to an all-expense-paid trip to Dubai, this distraught lady said she was subjected to sexual torture by her hosts.

According to her, she was promised a whopping $180,000 to perform a blowjob on the Arabian host for more than 1 hour without a break.

Although her eyes were popping and her jaws were breaking due to the excessive thrusting, she was intimidated and forced to endure.

After the ordeal, she was later asked to lick the anus of her Arabian host and ordered to perform a scat fetish on him.

Scat fetish is when a lady is asked to eat and play with the feaces of a man who derives sexual pleasure from the act.

This lady was later given just $5,700 and booted out by her host and the lady who lured her to Dubai. This was after she was intimidated, humiliated, and actually threatened when she made a move to stop the inhumane act.

As a result, after years of the act, the lady has said she still feels a heavy load of guilt on her shoulders considering the fact that she was moved by the flashy lifestyle of the lady who she thought was into a legitimate business.

She intimated that most of these slay queens who claim to be on Dubai trips go there to engage in scat for a huge sum of money…a life that no sane person should envy.

There are several fetishes people performed to derive sexual pleasure. Some of these fetishes include BDSM, scatting, anal sex, urophilia, Vorarephilia, quirofilia amongst others.

However, it is widespread knowledge about the fact that a large number of slay queens and female celebrities from Africa go to Dubai to partake in such fetishes for a fee.