Sefadzi Abena Amesu is a vocally skilled female Ghanaian afrobeat artist who was born in the Northern area of Ghana on May 17th, 1995.

Sefa, as she is professionally known on stage, is a composer and performer who is signed to DBlack’s ‘Black Avenue Muzik’ label.

Sefa has revealed that the shortest relationship she has ver had lasted just for two days.

Speaking in an on-air radio interview with Nana Romeo on Accra FM, Sefa confessed that his heart got shattered after the guy called to tell her it was over between them just after two days of accepting his love proposal.

According to the singer, she believes the poor flow of communication between them contributed to the collapse of the promising relationship.

In her won words;

My shortest relationship lasted two days…we spoke and he said: ‘I like you and I also said I like you too’, but then that was it because me I’m somebody that I don’t force things so if you don’t make me feel your presence I just ignore you,” 

I think it had a problem to do with the communication, if you know me you know I like social media and phones and I think that’s something he quite didn’t get at that time.”

“I’m always overthinking over every little thing, I overthink a lot, it is something I won’t say is an addiction but I think it’s something I find myself doing all the time without me even knowing about it and I think I’ll do anything to just get rid of that.