More than 150 motorbike riders have been given warning letters after they were arrested for indiscipline riding on the country’s road.

On Tuesday 26, April 2022 the Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate, MTTD through operation PAARI embarked on a rigorous exercise which led to the arrest of 154 motorbike riders within Weija and Odorkor areas. At Weija 40 bikes were seized.

114 bikes were confiscated at Odorkor. Some of the arrests were through the use of body cameras on Police Officers.

The Police Action Against Rider Indiscipline, PAARI was introduced to deal with rider indiscipline on the country’s roads. As part of the measures of the initiative, a rigorous exercise was started a couple of weeks ago to monitor motorbike riders.

In the past two days 154 bikes have been seized in two areas, Weija and Odorkor. During the tour, it was revealed that 40 motorbikes were seized and 31 released to owners.

Addressing the riders, the Weija District Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Freeman Kumashie stated that the exercise will continue and so riders should be careful.

At Odorkor out of the 114, 60 bikes were released. Giving them their letters, Divisional Commander Chief Superintendent Rev. John Opoku advised riders to think about their safety and that of their families.

Addressing the media, Director General, MTTD COP Aboagye said the riders are not freed rather they are being cautioned adding that subsequent arrests will be processed for Court.

COP Aboagye Nyarko overruled the notion that junior officers on the roads are the cause of the indiscipline saying that with the help of the body cameras any officer who is found receiving money from offenders shall be investigated and dealt with accordingly.

Some of the riders told GBC News that they are grateful to the officials and that they will be careful on the road going forward. The offences included jumping the red light, not wearing helmets and riding without license.