It is not easy to get locations for productions – “Red carpet Actors”


It seems like the Ghanaian movie industry has been facing some challenges when it comes to getting locations to shoot their movie scenes.

Speaking to some Actors and Actresses who starred in the movie “Red carpet” on GTV’s Breakfast Show on Thursday, 28th April, 2022, they confirmed that finding locations in Ghana to shoot scenes is very difficult and the ones who also allow them end up getting fed-up with the Film Makers when the scenes often take longer time than anticipated.

In responding to the challenges movie producers face in getting good locations for their movies, Jackie Appiah stated that “sometimes we will be filming in their house and the house owners get fed up and ask you to leave and you’re halfway through the film, you’re not done because you have like 8 to 20 scenes to go and they tell you we are sorry we cannot take it any longer, the rules are too much because once you’re filming the whole place needs to be quiet and the house owners get fed up and kick you out which is stressful”.

Again, Kalsoum Sinare continued by explaining that “if there is continuity in the house it makes it stressful but without it you can play your way around it, get another location to suit it so we are just pleading with them to always give us a chance”.

Samira Yakubu who happens to be the Producer for the movie ”Red carpet” also affirmed that searching for locations has always been a challenge for them because Ghana does not have studios to shoot movies. She continued by saying that “sometimes it is our fault because when owners of houses ask you not to put your shoes here and you make a mistake and put it there, of course he will tell you to leave his house”.

Maybe if governments in power build Studios like that of the Tyler Perry Studio for Ghanaian Filmmakers, definitely the Cast and Crew will produce good quality movies and timely for everyone to enjoy.