Akuapem Poloo has been exposed big time after lying on Delay’s show that she doesn’t know Kumerican based rapper Nana Flatelo.

Speaking with Delay in an exclusive interview on the Delay Show program, the mother of one vehemently denied ever dating Nana Flatelo.

She further rubbished the claims that she has slept with the loudmouth musician who brags that she’s her ex-partner and he has slept with her multiple times.

According to Nana Flatelo in an interview with GHpage’s Rashad, he’s a sex maniac and she enjoyed several rounds of sex with the actress when they were dating and went on a vacation in Dubai.

Adu Flatelo additionally added that he’s ever ready to face Akuapem Poloo face-to-face in an interview to expose her lies because he spent over $17,000 on their vacation in Dubai.

In earlier reports, Akuapem Poloo opened up to some of the fake lifestyles she exhibited on the internet when she was naive and care about only internet validation.

The mother of one has confessed that she once had a sugar daddy who was sponsoring the lavish lifestyle she used to enjoy some months ago.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Delay, Akuapem Poloo opened up that she was paying $1,000 every month for a two-bedroom self apartment at Dzorwulu in Accra.

She continued that after her sugar daddy broke up with her, she couldn’t keep up with the payment of the rent and hence had to relocate from Accra to Kasoa.

In her own words “Accra is too expensive. Two-roomed self apartment (at Dzorwulu). I was paying $1,000 per month, and I rented it for 2years. I wasn’t the one paying for it.”

“My sponsor was a 54-year-old Whiteman in America. I met him on Facebook, he never saw me physical, but we always facetime and video call on WhatsApp. We are not together anymore. (and that’s why the money stopped coming).” she added.

She also revealed how her manager terminated their contract because she met Cardi B upon her visit to Ghana.

“After the Cardi-B left, my manager felt that the young girl he was grooming had gone far. He managed me from 2018, and Cardi-B came in 2020. My manager said he spent on me and yet didn’t get anything in return… I didn’t get anything from her (Cardi B) but twerking with her spoilt everything,” 

Hopefully, the youths who are obsessed with the fake extravagant lifestyle of our celebrities will learn a thing or two from Akuapem Poloo’s confession.