“They can’t block my shine…” – Akuapem Poloo gets wild at TV3 and Delay


Ghanaian socialite and brand influencer, Akuapm Poloo has started a new beef with TV3 and Delay for deliberately trying to sabotage her career.

According to Akuapem Poloo in a self-made video that is currently trending on the internet, she doesn’t know why the management of TV3 hates her to the core.

She bitterly lamented that her interview with Delay was not aired last weekend although that was the agreement she had with the female media mogul.

And Delay herself had already shared a snippet of the interview on her social media pages about 4 days ago.

In the same video, Akuapem Poloo fumed that TV3 in 2019 failed to premiere her music video during a live interview but aired that of a different musician. 

“I think that television has personal issues with me but I leave them to God. They can’t block my shine. They are scared of me. My spirit is too much for them. Do you see what they did? They couldn’t show my interview with Delay today because it’s Poloo. The evil men do always live with them. They should watch out for me. They can’t block my shine…”

In a related story, Akuapem Poloo revealed that she deliberately used someone’s car to court public affection because of fame.

According to her, the Honda vehicle she flaunted on social media was not hers.

Speaking to Delay in an interview, she disclosed that she borrowed the car and personally customised the car with the number plate ‘Poloo 1’.

Akuapem Poloo’s interview with Delay was not aired because it clashed with the grand finale of TV3’s talented kids’ show.

She should have exercised patience to see whether it would be aired this weekend or not before starting her rants on the internet