Judicial bias, Political Manipulation of State Agencies dangerous for Ghana’s Democracy – Rev. Dr. Opuni Frimpong


A former General Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana Reverend Dr. Kwabena Opuni Frimpong has cautioned the judiciary and State Security Agencies not to allow themselves to be influenced by politicians.

According to him, State Institutions such as the Judiciary and Security Agencies must not be politically influenced to perpetuate majority dictatorship but rather must be allowed to operate freely without fear or favour.

Speaking at a public lecture organized by the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Akuapem Presbytery Ascension Congregation in Koforidua under the theme “The Church as an Agent for Consolidating Democracy, Economic Transformation and Social Equity in Ghana: Prospects and Challenges”, the Former General Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana warned against what he termed majority dictatorship and politicisation of State Institutions, stating that “it is as dangerous as a military rule”.

He insisted that the recent comment by the National Security Minister, Mr. Albert Kan Dapaah who warned that the perception of judicial bias in favour of the government is a threat to the peace and stability of the country, must not be taken lightly.

“We must be careful about politicisation of State Institutions. We are aware of the statement recently made by the Hon. the Minister of National Security is causing trouble here and there. But I want to take it as a caution statement that we must be very careful. Our Judiciary, the Legislature, Security Agencies, and Academic Institutions we must make sure that our democracy is strong, strong to the point that it serves all but if we give the impression that if you belong to this class of people or group of people you will always get what you want but if you don’t belong to this class of people that is what we call dictatorship of the majority it is as dangerous as a dictatorship from a military rule.

“So we should not only have our eyes on dictatorship coming from the military but dictatorship coming from the majority is equally dangerous and Ghana must avoid dictatorship from the majority and the way to do it is to free State Institutions from over politicisation”,

 The Former General Secretary, Christian Council of Ghana added.

He explained that some African countries that went on the tangent of majority dictatorship and politicisation of State Institutions are currently facing political instability and democratic crises

According to Rev. Opuni Frimpong, such countries deviated from the practice of democracy as the ruling governments use their majority advantage in Parliament to impose political will and their parochial interests on the people to the extent of amending aspects of the Constitution to prolong the tenure of office of their Presidents.


A visibly worried Rev. Opuni Frimpong cautioned Ghanaian political actors in government not to drive the country into such a political majority dictatorship to jeopardize the countries striving for democracy.