President of the Ghana School of Law Students Representative Council (SRC), Wonder Victor Kutor has rubbished reports he has been interdicted.

Wonder Victor Kutor, who had been on an official trip to Texas in the U.S., said he arrived in the country only to hear the news that his colleague SRC executives were ganging up to remove him from office.

“Unfortunately, some are trying to sidestep the law at the Law School where we must uphold the rule of law,” he said.

According to a notice signed by Secretary of the School SRC Safo Kwame Oheneba, Mr. Victor Kutor has been interdicted over alleged financial impropriety.

“Pursuant to the concurrent resolutions of the Executive Council of the SRC dated 17 April 2022 and of the Congress dated 15’ʰ April 2022 interdicting the SRC President, Mr. Wonder Victor Kutor, pending investigation by an independent ad hoc Committees set up, this is to formally state for the attention and action of the underlisted that Mr. Wonder Kutor is hereby interdicted in accordance with Article 34(d) and (e) of the SRC constitution,” the statement added.

Reacting to this development, the embattled SRC president said it is unfortunate the issue has gotten to this level while he adds that it’s only the court that remove him from office.

“Management has released a notice that they are interested in the matter, as I talk there’s no adverse findings and you say because there’s an allegation against the SRC president [he has been interdicted].”

He explained that this was after being accused of buying a car for the SRC from his company and his personal use under questionable circumstances.

But in a sharp rebuttal, Mr. Wonder Victor Kutor said the move is unlawful, and he is still at post.

He insists that even the procedure used by his colleagues to convene an Executive Council meeting to take the said action was not regular and did not conform to the dictates of the SRC constitution.

“As president, I chair the Executive Council; before you call an executive council meeting, the procedure is that I will instruct the secretary to issue notices to all members of the Executive Council; there was no such thing.

“Even if it was an emergency meeting, the Secretary must always put me in the known and get approval from me before we can hold an executive meeting.”

According to the president of the SRC, Wonder Victor Kutor, he does not understand the indecent haste his colleagues are acting because the issue in contention is before the student court, and also the management of the school has initiated processes to investigate the allegations against him.

“I am the president; the students elected me, I will be in my office, we are working, the SRC goes beyond issuing notices, we are not in a lawless state, things must be done properly and procedurally.”

However, he said if the SRC court rules that he should step after adverse findings are made against him, he will comply.

Mr Victor Kutor assured the Ghana School of Law students that he will continue to discharge his duties faithfully and diligently.


The Ghana School of Law is an educational institution in Ghana for training lawyers. The school is the only one that provides training for law graduates in the Barrister at Law program. The Professional Law Course is designed for Law Graduates who have obtained an LLB degree and have passed the entrance examination.

A former head of student affairs and intelligence committee of the Students Representative Council (SRC) of the University of Ghana in 2012, Mr Wonder Victor Kutor emerged the winner of the Ghana School of Law SRC President election which was held on Sunday, April 25, 2021.