The General Secretary of the Fulanis Community in Ghana, Barry Yakubu Musah, has called on the government to do more to protect the lives of members residing in the country.

The Community’s plea stems from an attack on Zakoli, a suburb of Yendi, that led to the death of nine people.

Four more people also got injured during the attacks. Again, several homes were burnt and properties destroyed.

According to Mr Yakubu Musah, he is perturbed that the Police have not issued a communique regarding the incident 24 hours after the gruesome act.

He suspects that the silence stems from the actions of a few members of the community who have given the Fulani tribe a bad reputation.

“Far back in 2011 in Gushegu, about 13 lives were lost. In 2012, in Gulumpe, about 25 Fulanis were killed. In the Central Region, a rape case if you could remember, last year, it raised alarm and the whole machinery of the Ghana Police moved to Potin to bring down a Fulani Community. About 7 houses were burnt down and Fulanis were arrested”.

Speaking at Zakoli after engaging the Fulani communities that were attacked by unknown assailants, he noted that it would be unfair to brand an entire community just because of the actions of a few.

According to him, the Fulani Community is a group of people who are law-abiding.

Mr Yakubu Musah, therefore, called on the government to ensure justice is brought to the families who lost their beloved ones at Zackoli.

“The Commander-in-Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces, who happens to be the Chairman of ECOWAS, we want to hear the President speak and we are pleading with the Security Council, especially the Chairman, Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, who happens to be our in-law. He should not forget these same people whose lives are being lost, voted them into power.

So they should know that they are losing votes,” he said.