The Board Chairman of the National Council for Persons with Disability, Mr. Yaw Ofori Debrah has called on the Government to consider a bill on promoting the employment of Persons with Disability in Ghana.

Speaking on Adom TV’s Let’s Talk Ability Show hosted by Adelaide Bortier a.ka. Adelaide the Seer, Mr. Yaw Ofori Debrah said it was high time we have National Disability Employment Policy.

According to Mr. Yaw Ofori Debrah, Niger has a similar situation whereby the government insists that all corporate organizations and government institutions are required to ensure that 5% of their workforce is Persons with Disability.

He said the youth with disability are now interested in education and should be encouraged to continue.

He said with the situation now, most parents will not be encouraged to invest in the education of children who in one way or the other are physically disabled.

Mr. Yaw Ofori Debrah said because most employers do not have confidence in Persons with Disability, he suggested that Persons with Disability are given the opportunity to do internships. He said this will provide Persons the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities with respect to the job.

Mr. Yaw Ofori Debrah also lamented that usually, the environment of most institutions is not conducive to Persons with Disability. Most of the buildings are constructed in such a way that enables easy access with regards to Persons with Disability.  

He also advised Persons with Disability to equip themselves with ICT skills, in order to take advantage of the many ICT-related job opportunities emerging on the job market.

He said if they are provided employment, they will not continue being dependent on relatives and friends for their upkeep, rather, they will be able to raise their families and cater to the needs of their families. He added that they will be able to make contributions when they go to church and also pay taxes to the Government, thus contributing to national development.