I like how the success story of Black Sherif is humbling people who were quick to judge, criticize and ridicule him when his management brouhaha came up.

Listened to how Mr. Logic Music was trying hard to polish his apology to Blacko in a subtle way in the ANDY DOSTY interview for the statement he made that the Music industry needs to blacklist Blacksherif for the issue he had with his former Management.

And for the first time, Mr. Logic didn’t say “He speaks facts and not opinions” but then blamed his emotions for saying “Black Sherif” should be BLACKLISTED.

In the interview, Mr. Logic said he said Blacko should be blacklisted because when he (Black Sherif) came to the studio the first time, he (Mr. Logic) advised him to keep his team around him only to hear that he has passed their back to go sign a deal with Empire, so it got to him and that’s why he made that statement.

This is admitting your emotions took the best of you and I respect Mr. Logic for accepting he faulted. But then Mr. Logic as a Musician himself is yet to register a single hit song in Ghana like this Youths have done so he needs to understand the level of struggle it takes to survive in the Ghanaian music industry. And so he needs to take it easy on bashing the boys openly on Radio the way he does.

The kind of statements he makes on Radio would demoralize the boys at a time when they should be motivated and we dey take God to beg Mr. Logic.

Watched an interview Abeiku Santana had with Yaw Tog this morning and Santana asked him if the negative things Mr. Logic says about him affected him. And although the guy said it doesn’t affect him, you could feel it does since he hears them.

And to have a Panelist on one of the most listened Radio stations in Ghana saying only one Artiste among his “group of friends” #Kumericans is going to make it far with their music career, is in so many ways than one pitching that Artiste you think you promoting against his peers! And we’ve got to stop that gborgborvor life in Ghana.

Anyway, Mr. Logic is trending on Twitter so at least he gets to top the trends for being controversial and making negative comments about Artistes. But then must this always be the trend?

We should rather start Criticizing the Ghana Music Industry to fix the Royalty issues for the Musicians because this new generation of Ghanaian Millennial and Gen Z Musicians like BlackSherif, YawTog, Kofi Jamar, Gyakie, Camidoh, Kelvyn Boy, and their peers are taking Ghana to the world stage in a grand style. And it has to be strictly constructive criticism and not emotional negative statements.