Gas Demand Dwindled As Stakeholders Dialogue On Future Of Ghana Gas


Gas market challenges and investment in the upstream sector were key issues during a stakeholder meeting in Accra, on the future of Ghana Gas.

These issues, stakeholders believe, are major threats to the future prospects of gas and may hold back government’s energy transitioning agenda.

Natural gas is an important fuel source for power generation in Ghana. Currently, the Gas supply outlook for the country remains stable with demand below supply from the existing sources, Jubilee and TEN, Sankofa field, and gas from Nigeria.

Stakeholders’ engagement in energy transitioning has warranted the need for the gas sector to play a pivotal role in the transition to net-zero.

At a stakeholders meeting on the future of Ghana Gas, a Policy Lead for Petroleum and Conventional Energy with ACEP, Mr. Kodzo Yaotse said government’s transitioning plan must deal with challenges such as delay in payment for gas consumed.

He said policy incoherence is leading to the low demand for gas, a challenge that must be addressed.

Commercial Operations Manager at Ghana Gas, Dr. Riverson Oppong said free gas from the Jubilee partners is ending in 2023 and Ghana will have to pay for the supply of gas from the oil fields.

The dialogue seeks to promote a shared understanding of the sector to re-examine the gas sector bottlenecks that hinder the realization of value from Ghana’s gas resources for national development while exploring the key questions surrounding the role of gas in Ghana’s plans for energy transition and its net-zero ambitions.