Court dismisses Akuapem Poloo’s appeal against 90 day jail term


A social media sensation, Akuapem Poloo, is to go back to the Nsawam Medium Security Prison to complete her 90-day jail sentence.

This follows the dismissal of her appeal against the sentence by the criminal division of the High Court.

Justice Ruby Aryeetey, the presiding Judge, held that the sentence as handed down by an Accra Circuit Court last April was not, on the face of it, excessive and would thus not be interfered with.

“The court will only interfere if the court is convinced that the sentencing is manifestly excessive. The sentence was not manifestly excessive, and this court will not interfere with the court’s sentencing. This appeal is dismissed,” Justice Aryeetey gaveled.

Known in private life as Rosemond Brown, the controversial social media personality landed herself in trouble when she posted nudes of her then 7-year-old son on social media, in an unusual celebratory style.

She was said to have violated the dignity and rights of the son.

Her subsequent 90-day jail term sentence was, however, described by her lawyers as harsh, and thus appealed against it.

But in an apparent defence of the trial court, Justice Aryeetey observed that: “It is apparent on the face of the trial document that the trial judge exercised her discretion judiciously. I am of the view that the trial court considered all the mitigating factors put up by the appellant’s lawyer and in the appeal. The trial judge also considered all the aggravating factors yet imposed the custodial sentence.”

In the considered view of Her Ladyship, “the trial judge imposed a harsh sentence to serve as a deterrent to others from committing the same crime.”

The High Court thus ordered that the child at the centre of the prosecution should be given to another family member who is competent enough to take care of him.

Since news broke out about her case, photos of the father of Akuapem Poloo’s only child have popped up on social media. Rashid is the father of Mohammed Yakubu – the son of convicted actress and socialite Akuapem Poloo who is currently facing the law for posing nude with her son on social media.