Torrential rain has cut off the Wa-Nadowli Highway leaving hundreds of vehicles and passengers stranded.

The rain caused extensive damage to the road between Serekpere and Nadowli. This made it impossible for vehicles and passengers to move from Wa to Nadowli and vice versa.

The Wa-Nadowli-Lawra-Nandom road is a main Highway that links Ghana with Burkina Faso at Hamile. Apart from commercial vehicles, the road is used by articulated tracks, mostly from neighbouring countries for transporting goods. Motorists and passengers were therefore stranded when the road got flooded.

The Upper West Regional Director of the National Disaster Management Organization NADMO, Ahmed Mustapha said, ‘’though it has been raining in the last three days, I least expected the rain to cause such damage to the road.”

He announced that efforts are in place to ensure the safety of the stranded passengers.

The Regional Manager of the Ghana Red Cross who was at the scene to offer support, advised drivers with small vehicles against crossing to the other side of the road.

In another development, the Sombo-Doung-Daffiama road has been cut off.

For now, vehicles traveling to Lawra, Nandom, or Hamile may have to use the Wa-Han-Tumu road which is currently not in a good condition.


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