Mr. Abraham Kotei Neequaye, the newly elected President of the Ghana Boxing Authority, has revealed that the Ghana Boxing Authority as a national institution, does not have even a single car for use as an official vehicle to facilitate its work.

Speaking in an interview with Sellassie Sokpe of, Mr. Abraham Kotei Neequaye said that the GBA is under-resourced and for that matter, lacks the necessary logistics required by the staff in performing the day to day operations of the Authority in order to deliver on its mandate.

Mr. Abraham Kotei Neequaye, therefore, took the opportunity to appeal to the Government to at least provide them with one car to serve as an official vehicle for the staff.

Mr. Kotei says his main focus is to make the sport very lucrative in order that it will attract corporate sponsorships and partnerships that will give the companies mileage on the international front and also direct income realized from proceeds earned directly from international fights.

According to him, in other parts of the world where Government supports boxing, they benefit immensely. He recounted when Acheampong’s Government supported D.K. Poison, who eventually became Ghana’s first world champion and subsequently bringing in money that Government even had to borrow.

Responding to how he intends to bring everyone on board, he said he was already working with Manly Spain, whom he beat in the recent election to become the GBA President. “I call him, I go to him, we talk and share ideas as to how to develop the sport in Ghana,” he said.

Mr. Abraham Kotei Neequaye says he is determined to win a minimum of six world titles for Ghana before the end of his tenure in office. Already he has three world titles to his credit.

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