The national readers’ association in collaboration with their sponsors are supplying each district of the Upper East region with 2,000, books to aid in the learning of students in the region.

The association which is on a mission to ensure that every child learns how to read and write before age 10 has on its shoulders to supply every district in the country with 2,000 copies of assorted books.

Starting in May this year, the association executed part of its mission in the Volta region and is currently in the Upper East region to continue with the benevolent duty to the people of the region.

They started yesterday 3rd August 2021 at Bawku municipal district where they supplied 2,000 books to them and continued today from Bongo district library to Navrongo district library to Sandema district library and ended at the Sumbrungu community library all received 2,000 copies except Sumbrungu community library which received 5,00 copies of books.

According to the Director of the National Association of Readers, Mr. Christopher Ebenezer, the Upper East region will receive 30,000 copies of assorted books which translates to 2,000 books per district since the region has 15 districts. He revealed that it cost them 1.8billion old currency to acquire the 30,000 books for the region.

He added that it’s a pleasure to work for the betterment of children and he entreats the library managers to put the books given to them into good use.

Mr. Christopher, however, expressed worry over the state of the libraries in the region especially the Bongo district library, the Bawku district library, and the Navrongo municipal library which are in bad conditions and not attractive to students following the lack of renovation in those libraries.

In his words, he wonders what the students would do when the rain comes at the time they are in those libraries because there would be no difference between being in the library and being outside the library, he said this to explain the fact that some of the libraries especially Bongo and Bawku libraries are always flooded whenever it rains.

The librarians and/or their representatives also received the books in Joy and thanked them for their kind gestures extended to them while promising to put the books into proper use and supervision.

The journey supply the rest of the districts will continue tomorrow.

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