The coordinator for National Readers’ Association, Mr. Christopher Ebenezer has condemned the deplorable state of the Bongo district library stating that it is not in a good condition to attract students.

Speaking on Upper East Regional Correspondent, Godfred Awindaba at a ceremony event to present 2,000 copies of assorted books to the library on 9th August, 2021, Mr. Ebenezer who was shocked by the state of the library, expressed his disappointment over the poor condition of the library as he tours it while pointing at the destroyed windows, doors, the cracks on the walls, the rainwater that was flowing on the floor of the library as a result of destroyed roofing sheets and shillings, faulty electrical sockets and computers.

He stated that a library is supposed to be attractive to people but the district library has failed in that regard.

“In fact, looking at the library building from outside, a total stranger would have mistaken the district library to be an abandoned building that people no longer stay in”.

Mr. Ebenezer could not understand what students would do in case they are in the library and rain comes, according to him, it would be a pity that you are in a building while looking for another place to hide from the rain.

Mr. Atolpae Roger is the district librarian for the Bongo district library but he was not present at the time we got there due to illness but he later spoke to Godfred Awindenaba on phone and this was what he said;

“We have done everything within our power to seek for the library to be renovated but to no avail, I wrote several letters to the district assembly requesting for the library to be renovated but all efforts yielded no results”.

“I paid a visit to the paramount chief of the Bongo traditional area and complained about the poor state of the library, he promised to send someone to look at it and report to him but no one ever came, I went to the assemblyman on several occasions, he promised to come and see it but he too never came, I invited the District Chief Executive Hon Peter Ayinbisa Ayamga to the library for him to see how it is, he asked me to write to his office so that they will budget for it I did exactly that but the value came out to be the same”.

“I wrote a report on it also to the headquarters of Ghana Library Authority with pictures of the library about two months ago and I’m still waiting to hear from them”.

“I myself was dumbfounded upon seeing the library of Bongo district, in fact, it was a pity and I was wondering why our leaders are so adamant when it comes to development, I could not and still cannot understand why they don’t even care about anything concerning the development of Bongo.

Where is the MP Hon Edward Bawa, where is the DCE, Hon Peter Ayinbisa, where are the assembly members, where are the educationists, where are the political communicators those who make noise on the radio every day accusing themselves claiming to love the district? Most of you read in this library and become whoever you are but now you care less about the future citizens”.