22 year old student of Government Secreterial School, Catherine Hetchelli Lawson, otherwise known as Cathylaww, has encouraged her colleagues to accept the outcome of the contest in good faith and forge ahead for better opportunities ahead of them.

Speaking with Sellassie Sokpe of, Cathylaww who emerged as 1st Runner Up of the 2021 edition of Miss UNi International, said she believed in destiny and that God is the final say in all situation.

“I believe that nobody can take what is for you and so for that matter, if I was the first runner up it means I was supposed to be the first runner up”.

To the other contestants who didn’t win, she said she believed that they all did well and that everybody has seen their potential.

“I believe that we all did our best so there’s no need to be resentful about not being able to get the ultimate crown. I did my best in my own way and I am sure others also sold their potentials. The Queen is also a beautiful person and I thank God for her winning. So you see, it’s just like that, one day it will get to my turn so I am not worried at all.” she observed.

“I want to tell them that this is not the end, rather it’s just the beginning. there’s more to this than we see. We hope for the best and for that reason they should just keep everything to their heart and make sure that they don’t stop, they should still persevere because It’s only in perseverance that you can reach your goal”.

Talking about the prize reward she said she was not disappointed because she believes the organizers spent so much producing the show. In her view, this is a beautiful opportunity to make even more than what she has spent.

“In life, if you don’t give you don’t receive, so if I have put in something, I am expecting more. So I don’t have a problem with it at all”.

Cathylaww took the opportunity to express her gratitude to her supporters especially those who voted for her and asked for God’s blessings to find them where ever they are.

“To all everyone who supported me, I just want to say God Bless you, I just really want to say God bless you because I wasn’t even expecting this position, but God being so good, he used you to help me. I pray that wherever you got the money to vote for me, god should replenish you in so many folds, and at the end, all glory will be given unto him”.

Queen Cathylaww who also won the Best Talent of the pageant also urged young ladies accross the world to be principled in all that they do.

“To all ladies who are looking up to me, there are only two things in life I believe in; I believe in a lady who walks with principles and a lady who fears God. When those two things meet, it’s just amazing. and I just want to encourage each and every lady to have her own principles, set her life on track, have a vision, work towards the vision, and not forget God at all”.

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