Erica Delali Fiadzigbe, 21year student of Central University, recently crowned as Miss UNi International 2021, has called on all contestants to see themselves as winners since they all did their best.

Speaking in an interview with, Erica said she was very grateful for this opportunity. and then advised her colleagues not to be discouraged because God has his own plan for everyone.

“My little advice to my colleagues who didn’t win. I want to say we are all winners in our own special way and that they should give up. they should continue to move on no matter what. they shouldn’t be discouraged because there’s time for everything and their time will surely come.”

To all ladies, Erica said they should be themselves and continue loving themselves. Anything they wished to do, they should not be scared to take a step forward.

“When I started, I was not confident but then this pageant has really improved upon my confidence. Someone out there might be timid and hiding in her own circles trying to be themself but then when she makes the attempt to join a platform, she can be able to expose herself. it’s not only going to be about winning, but some might also join just to improve upon their confidence, and then they will achieve that so they shouldn’t be hidden. they should come out and be outspoken”.

Erica says she is not disappointed in the prize reward because she sees the platform as an opportunity to achieve greater, and that she was optimistic she was going to benefit a lot.

“I know I have spent a lot but then I believe that what I am going to get from this is more than what I have spent, because, with this, I have the platform to expose myself, I will get the chance to work with different organizations and it’s going to be a lifetime experience. the money I have spent, I am going to get more of it. What I have got is really great, even though it’s not visible, I believe that it’s going to take me a long way to accomplish what I want to achieve in life”.

Finally, Miss UNi Intl 21, Queen Erica took the opportunity to that all those who supported her in one way or the other to enable her to achieve her dream.

“To my supporters, I want to say a very big thank you to them because without their votes, I am not sure I will be crowned Miss UNi International. Their encouragement, their support their love, I really appreciate it, God richly bless them all”.


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