Promote peace and unity instead of division and discrimination – Rev. Father Ezekiel tells the church


Rev. Fr. Ezekiel, the rector for St. Theresa Rectorate – Zorkor has cautioned Christians against encouraging discrimination and division in the church as it is a practice that hurts God.

Speaking on Sunday’s celebration of mass, the outstanding seasoned preacher spoke vehemently against division in the church, families, and communities citing that the spirit of God is an architect of peace and unity and so Christians should take it as an obligation to promote peace and unity instead of division and discrimination.

Speaking in reference to the gospel which was taken from John 6:1-15 where Jesus fed five thousand (5,000) people with five loaves of bread and two pieces of fish after asking them to sit down, the Rev. Priest reiterated that Jesus didn’t ask for the nationality or qualification of the people but rather how they would get food to feed them, in his words, Jesus didn’t discriminate but he cared for the wellbeing of all and so as Christians, all forms of discriminations and divisions should be abolished.

He added that the second reading which was taken from Ephesians 4:1-6 also advised us to promote peace and togetherness in fulfillment of our calling and so we owe it a duty to promote peace and unity wherever we find ourselves.

Making reference to the first reading which was also taken from 1stkings 4:42-44, he added that Elisha asked Gehazi to give the food to the people but he didn’t specify any type of people that were supposed to receive the food, meaning that it was for everybody and so we should all be careful the way we treat others thinking that they do not belong to Us because God frowns upon discrimination

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