Uphold the integrity of your profession – Chief Justice urges auctioneers


Mr. Kwesi Anin Yeboah, the Chief Justice, has urged auctioneers to uphold the integrity of the profession.

He asked them to conduct their activities with professional integrity that eschewed wrongdoings and negligence.

“As per the dictates of your licensing regime, it must never be lost on you that your conduct and undertakings as auctioneers are strictly regulated by law,” Mr. Justice Anin Yeboah stated in a speech read on his behalf at the inauguration of The Professional Auctioneers Society, Ghana in Accra.

“Do remember that honor, dignity, and reputation are earned and not demanded.”

The motto of the newly inaugurated Professional Auctioneers Society, Ghana is “Service with Honesty”, with Mr. Calvis Okine of Noble Mart as the Chairman of the Executive Council.

Chief Justice Anin Yeboah noted that as stakeholders in the system of administration of justice, the system held auctioneers in high esteem and expected them to discharge their duty with diligence, ethical considerations, and values to avoid perceptions of collusions or wrongdoing.

“You cannot be auctioneers worthy of trust without being professional, ethical, honest, and diligent exuding respect for the courts, execution creditors and debtors and purchasers as well as the society at large,” he said.

“You must be men and women of integrity and in good standing. You must appreciate that you are in a fiduciary relationship with all stakeholders as applicable to the law relating to your practice.”

He intimated that civil society, corporate entities, and the international community at large, placed much value on transparency, statutory compliance, and ethical conduct; saying “corrupt and fraudulent practices are criminal conduct and have no place in your noble practice”.

The Chief Justice said as licensed auctioneers, their contribution to the development of the nation was to practice their profession without fear, favouritism, and bias while upholding the law at all times.

“All persons who hold the mallet (hammer) whether as judges or auctioneers are regulated by the constitution of the land and other laws.”

“There are temptations for wrongdoing that come with most offices and professions. Yours is no exception. The only way of escaping the tag of corruption and incompetence is your ability to discharge the dictates of your license with integrity and competence,” the Chief Justice said.

He reminded the auctioneers that in as much as their work came with privileges, it also carried responsibilities.

“Be guided by the law. Avoid any unnecessary underhand dealings and shortcuts. The law regulating your practice has made provision for your remuneration and sanctions, which include being subject to criminal and civil prosecution. Be mindful and do the needful. Your profession is a noble one.”

Mr. Okine, in his inaugural address, said The Professional Auctioneers Society, Ghana, would become a beacon of hope to all auctioneers in the country and solve challenges facing the industry.

“The Professional Auctioneering Society, Ghana will modernize auctioneering. It will be a vital force, a new and dynamic body to assume full responsibilities for the coordination of all aspects of research and learning and ready to represent auctioneers in any government activity in the country,” he said.

Mr Kweku Y. Paintsil, a private legal practitioner, who chaired the function, formally launched The Professional Auctioneers Society, Ghana.