MissAgricGh21: I intend to employ over 150 women and youth through my Tiger Nut Project – Emmanuella


One of the participants contesting in this year’s Miss Agriculture Ghana Project Pageant, Ms. Emmanuella Arhin says her main focus is to create employment through her Tiger Nuts Project when she wins the crown.

Speaking with Sellassie Sokpe of betterghanadigest.com, Emmanuella observed that, though there were many young people who graduate from school every year without jobs, there are few opportunities within the formal sectors of the Ghanaian economy to absorb them. According to her, considering the number of graduates and the jobs opportunities available, there is an urgent need for us as a nation to explore other avenues of employment creation. “This is what inspires my vision”, she said.

“My project of interest for Miss Agriculture 2021 is designed to promote the Cultivation, Processing, and Marketing of the tuberous crop tiger nut (Cyperus esculentus) commonly known as “Atadwee” in the Akan dialect”.

Tiger nut is widely known to be a “health” food since its consumption can prevent heart disease, thrombosis and is said to activate blood circulation. This pinpoints the necessity of tiger nuts to the human body.

Tiger nuts oil has many therapeutic properties such as, it reduces “bad” (LDL) cholesterol and increases “good” (HDL) cholesterol, reduces levels of triglycerides in the blood, reduces the risk of formation of blood clots, and produces dilatation in veins, preventing arteriosclerosis, effective against skin alterations, aging process and so on due to its elevated contents of Vitamin E, which activates microcirculation of the skin, helps to fix the embryo in the uterus and increases the fertility of men and women, due to its high contents of Vitamin E.

Taking notice of all these properties, tiger nuts oil can have many applications such as using it to make cosmetics and pharmaceutical products then also make waterproof textile fibers creating a lot of business along the line.

Tiger nuts apart from its health benefits can provide job avenues for the populace and also can be exported abroad to serve as a foreign exchange earner for the country.

First and foremost, tiger nut can be added to some grain ingredients can produce Tom brown as the end product. The Tiger nut and added grains will go through the process of sorting, drying, cooling, and milling before the production of the end product can be successful. This will require the services of over a hundred and fifty people, who will be employed to work on the project.

I believe if I am given the opportunity by being crowned as Miss Agriculture Ghana 2021, I will do my best to make this dream a reality to help many more young men and women to secure sustainable jobs and fend for themselves and their families.

This will also unburden the government in terms of reducing unemployment and poverty amongst the general populace as well as generate revenues from the taxes and other avenues directly or indirectly.

Emmanuella Arhin, therefore, called on all well-meaning to Ghanaians to help her achieve this goal by voting for her in order that she will win the crown as Miss Agriculture Ghana 20121.