The management of Save the world foundation focused on reaching out to four (4) Junior  High Government schools in/ around Cape Coast in the year 2019/ The communities which benefited include Amamoma Basic Islamic school, Apewosika Basic school, and Simiw Basic school. 

The first outreach was in Apewosika Basic school; a school situated in the center of the community with a population of about 250 students in the junior high. Outreach day was fixed by the headteacher and was held on the 1st of November 2019. This was a 3-hour  program scheduled for all schools visited which included activities such as science and quiz,  a true or false session for both boys and girls, an essay competition from JHS 1 to JHS 3. At the end of each competition, prizes were awarded to participants and overall winners to encourage and commend the students.

The most impactful moment of it all was when the vice president of the University of Cape Coast, Miss Doris Asandem, was invited as the guest speaker of the program on the theme: Self-initiative; a tool for Youthful Transformation. It was a very interactive and fruitful session. To sum it all up, donations were made to the school to help support them in sanitation and hygiene for a healthy living on campus. The school was presented with a fully equipped first aid box, toiletries, customized books, pencils, and pens. 

Exactly a week later, the outreach train moved to Simiw Basic, a school in the outskirts of  Ankaful, a town in Cape Coast on 8th November 2019. In this, the number of students in junior high was about 150 students.

Activities which took place in this school were basically the same as those in the first school. Our guest speaker was Dr. Isaac Mbir Bryant, a lecturer from the Department of Environmental Science at the University of Cape Coast. His time with these wonderful children was indeed remarkable, speaking on the theme: Self-initiative; a  tool for Youthful Transformation. 

On 29th November 2019, Amamoma Basic Islamic, a school in the Amamoma community was also visited by the SaWF team. The same activities were repeated also in this school. In our third and final school this year, our guest speaker was Mr. Abdul-Karim Yahaya, a Youth  Empowerment Advocate. It was a very imparting moment with him also speaking the theme: Self-initiative; a tool for Youthful Transformation.

For each of the schools visited, the children were thought to unlearn any attitude which would not yield them any good fruit tomorrow and learn the one for a better tomorrow. 

A few of the things the students learned from each guest speaker:  

● Self- initiative; the ability to do or pursue something without you being told to do so. ● How to take an initiative without waiting on anyone to coach you.  

● How to make good life decisions for a better tomorrow.  

Students were made to understand the importance of being self-initiative. The staff of each school offered themselves a great help to the team by accepting to be the timekeepers, score masters, and quiz masters/mistresses.