Some Okada Riders and drivers in Sampa, the Jaman North district capital are crying bitterly to government to instruct the contractor who is constructing the road from Sampa to Duadaso as well as the access Roads in the Sampa township to come to site to complete the construction as it poses danger to the lives of people in the district.

Speaking to some drivers that ply the Sampa-Duadaso Road and the Town road from Boneben to SA Hakeem Ventures behind the Sampa Government Hospital, they stated that, the contractor who was actively working on site before the 2020 election fled the site after the general election leaving the swimming pool like nature of some roads in the Sampa town, and so they always incur loss due to the frequent maintenance of their vehicle. Other users of the road describe the road as death trap because most cars and Okada always get stuck into the mud which affects their movements.

They have therefore pleaded with the Jaman North DCE, the Member of Parliament and the minister of roads to instruct the contractor to come on site to complete the construction of the Road to ensure safety in their work.