The Chief Executive Officer (CEO)  of PROPHECY SCIENTIFIC HERBAL CLINIC , Noble Dr Elijah Mensah Bonsu has sent a strong warning to medical doctors who condemn the use of herbal medicine.

Noble Dr. Elijah revealed that the use of herbal products has reduced drastically due to the ill mention by doctors.

In his words when patients visit the hospital, doctors during consultations ask their patients to stay away from herbal products because they claim it comes with so many health complications which is not true.

This he says has affected their work as herbalists since many people have taken the words of these doctors.

The 2021 Overall Best Herbal Doctor explained that herbal products is sent from God to blacks so we must make good use of it as it’s very healthy and good.

“People were knowledgeable about the medicinal potency of herbs in the Dark Ages why then are they uttering these ignorant words in modern times.

He stated clearly that, herbal medicine is the ultimate in sustainable medicine. ” It is a local option that is readily available to people around the world, no matter how remote their communities may be. While some of the Indigenous wisdom of herbal use may have been lost in some places, the plants still exist” he added.

He therefore asks medical doctors to put an end to such condemnation.