The District Chief Executive for Bongo Constituency Hon Peter Ayinbisa Ayamga has been accused by his own party members to have auctioned almost all vehicles belonging to the District Assembly including a bus belonging to Gowrie SHS.

The accusation came in an exclusive interview after a group of concerned party faithfuls in the constituency staged a peaceful demonstration against the DCE on 27th April, 2021.

The demonstrators labeled series of allegations against the DCE but in an exclusive interview with the convener Mr. Emmanuel Akay and some of his members; it was revealed by one of them that the DCE has auctioned a bus belonging to Gowrie SHS for 12,000.00.

They also allerged that the vehicles belonging to the district assembly have all been auctioned by the DCE.

The group further allerged that the DCE awarded a contract to his friend to build a mortuary for the district at Gurigo of which mobilization fee has been paid since two years ago and yet the contractor is still not on site to start work.

The group says Hon Peter Ayinbisa Ayamga for spending money meant for the development of newly created polling stations to purchase sounds system for the party which they never asked for.

They added that money meant for polling agents during the 2020 general elections were not totally spent for the intended purpose because only GHC200.00 out of 600.00 per each polling station was spent on the agents.

They however demanded that the DCE should give the money that was meant for the polling agents back to them. They are also demanding that he should call his friend, the contractor to with immediately report to site.

He should also reunite the constituency executives within the shortest possible time and lastly, he should give the money that was sent to the newly created polling stations to them for their development.

They cautioned that greater actions are on the way should he fail to meet their demands.