Akaba’are Bright Kojo the 1st goal keeper for Zorkor United Sporting Club has emerged as the best goal keeper of the tournament following his talented goal keeping skills and his outstanding performance throughout the period of the tournament.

The 22 year old received the golden hand glove with a cheerful laughter to demonstrate his joy over the award as the players and supporters clapped and shoutted in congratulation.

Speaking to Upper East Regional Correspondent, Godfred Awindenaba after the award, Mr. Bright said he is very much happy for the award as he had been yearning for it since.

According to him he is determined to do his best for the team and for himself to go higher in his carrier.

He also thanked the coaches and managers for their enormous support and encouragement which has brought him this far.

Adams Bushira, the senior coach for the team also expressed her joy over the award describing it as a dream fulfilled. She added that the award clearly endorses the popular saying that “hard work pays”

According to her, she is so happy for Bright and will encourage him to do more to get the ultimate award for the team and for the betterment of his carrier.