Users of Zorkor-Sirigu road have bitterly lamented over the collapse of the Zorkor -Sirigu River Bridge describing it as a death trap.

The bridge poses danger to the lives of drivers, passengers and pedestrians as well since any slide mistake by a driver on the bridge can cost the lives of the passengers onboard.

Speaking to correspondent, Godfred Awindenaba, Charles Atambire a young man of 22 years who managed to put some stones and sand together to aid the passage of vehicles have described the state of the bridge as a death trap.

‘I developed interest to work at this place in order to support the passage of vehicles when one day I was going to Sirigu and met some four men struggling with their car which nearly fell into the bridge’, Charles added.

A 15 year old boy who was invited by Charles to support him, Daniel Atambire stated that he feels happy when he is on the site trying his possible best to help others despite the fact that some people do insult them when they request for coins from them to buy pure water.

The boys stated categorically that in as much as they stay under the hot sun trying to create an avenue for cars to pass, they also request for coins from users so that they can buy some water to drink but most of the drivers and motor riders always ignore them while others do give them some money which sometimes they get about twenty or fifteen cedis (20.00/15.00) and share among the three of them.

According to him, the bridge has outlived its life span. He stated that cars that move from Sirigu to Bolga use that road as well as those moving from Zorkor to Sirigu but the way the bridge has broken down, he fears for the lives of users.

Mr. Amike, a commercial 2O7 bus driver said that it is dangerous passing on the bridge with passengers especially at night because any little mistake could lead to an accident.

According to him, it is a worrying experience for the drivers who use the road, he however, revealed that the drivers met some time ago and did some contributions with which they bought iron rods to fix the bridge but some issues which he could not share in details prevented them from going ahead.

He added that the location of the bridge was also a contributing factor to their failure because they needed to seek for support from the district assembly but because the bridge is located between Bongo district and Kasena Nankana district, none of the districts could take responsibility of working on the bridge with them.

However, the assembly man for Kudurogo electoral area of Zorkor Mr. Pius Atiah, revealed that it is indeed a pity considering the current state of the bridge and they are trying their possible best to fight for the reconstruction of the bridge.

According to him, the bridge has been awarded to a contractor by the Bongo district assembly but the contractor is not yet on site because the assembly is still going through the necessary arrangements for the constructor to begin work.

This information was confirmed when the assembly man called the Foreman on phone during our conversation and he said the same thing that the assembly man had said already.

He also pleaded on the foreman to speed up processes and come on site to fix the road before the rains set in else it would be a hell for users when the rain begins.

He also assured users of the road that the assembly is working tirelessly to get the situation fixed within the shortest possible time.

The drivers and passengers are therefore calling on the Government to their aid in order to save lives.