One of the outstanding Frafra music artistes, Stephen Atambire popularly known as Stevo in the music industry and nicknamed Zombile / Nerizolo left his fans yearning and calling on him to continue his powerful performance.

Stevo was performing on stage at Zorkor market where he rocked the stage and got the fans thrilled with his amazing dancing styles and powerful songs that have the tendencies of getting the cripple on the feet to dance to the music.

His performance was so touching that his fans blocked the exit point in order to keep him on stage for long. Stevo is a young energetic and vibrant guitar man who has entered the industry with so much enthusiasm that made him to capture almost all the youth into his fan base.

He has all it takes to turn a sorrowful man into a joyful man and make people forget their activities when he is performing.

His latest songs include Suma n de kuura, stonebwoy n bala ti Kelvin Tuura and Wine wa ko’om bona bilam fu san sige tinga wa fu yaa yele, with the former meaning that the helper is now seen as the killer that is why Stonebwoy can be insulted by Kelvin Boy and the latter meaning that God should remain in heaven for if he comes down here, he would be in trouble are part of the most trending songs in the Upper East region.



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