Two suspected armed Robbers have been lynched with one burnt together with their motorbike at Nyariga in the Bongo District of Upper East Region on Saturday, 17th April, 2021, after a failed attack on a man who managed to disarm them.

The incident happened between Nyariga-junction and Zaare market near a river bridge.

According to an eye witness whose name has been withheld, he watched the whole scene from a distance when he was returning from home to his farm, he stated that he saw the two suspects forcing the man to get down from his motorbike but the man refused to comply, as a result of his refusal, one of them pulled out a gun and started firing shots at the man but surprisingly all five bullets fired failed to penetrate.

The owner of the motorbike then started throwing blows at them and they also did same but the man managed to grab a dry wood on the ground and used it to hit one of them on the hand and broke it so the one with the gun started running.

The eye witness added that people were around the area but were afraid of the gun but when they saw that the gun could not enter the man and that he had overpowered them, they then rushed in to support with some of them chasing after the one running while the rest joined the man to beat up the one fighting with him.

Both of them were beaten to death after which one of them was set ablaze together with the motorbike that they were using.

Some eye witnesses revealed that the man that was attacked is believed to be a native of Bawku who stays and works in the regional capital, they also reported that according to the man, he was returning from Yelwoogo, Burkina Faso where he went to buy the motorbike.

Some also revealed that the Police got there at the time the man was already dead but they however identified one of them as some one they having been searching for. One of them was identified to be from Zuarungu.