The Ga Adangme Youth Association, a nonprofit organization committed to promoting the development of the Ga Adangme people in Ghana has donated some items to the T.T.S Orphanage situated in big Ada.

The group, which was inaugurated in Accra on the 31st of December 2020, is made up of mainly traders within the Makola, Okaishie, and Agbogbloshie markets in Accra.

Members of the Ga Adangme Youth Association

Mr. David Kpodo, founder of the Association said the donation was part of activities outlined to mark the Easter Celebrations. He said they chose the T.T.S. Orphanage because of the role it is playing in the development of young people who are orphaned in the area.

‘In fact, if not for this orphanage in the area, many of these children would have ended up doing menial jobs on people’s farms or at the shores of the Volta Lake – without access to education, he stressed.

He called on all well-meaning people from Ga Adangme land to join the Association in order to enable it to do more for their people back home.

The items included 3 bags of rice, 2 bags of sugar, toilet rolls, 10 bags of sachet water, 3 cartons of tinned tomatoes, a bag of milo, milk, gallons of cooking oil, and GHC1,000.00 cash.

The coordinator of the orphanage, Mr. Manuel Eli, who received the items on behalf of management, thanked the Association for the kind gesture and prayed for God’s blessing for their leadership.

Mr. Manuel Eli took the opportunity to appeal to other benevolent organizations to come to the aid of the orphanage since it depends solely on donations.

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