John Mahama Calls for unity in his Easter message to Ghanaians


    Former President John Dramani Mahama and his wife, Lordina, have asked Ghanaians to use the occasion of Easter to forgive one another and move on in unity.

    In a message on Good Friday, the former President and his wife said: “They whipped Him. They spat on Him. They mocked Him. They treated Him like a criminal. Drained of all strength, they forced Him to carry a heavy cross. And then although He had committed no crime, they crucified Him.”

    “But bloodied and disgraced on the cross at Calvary, He, out of a pure heart, forgave them.”

    “As we commemorate the crucifixion of our Lord on Good Friday, may we reflect on His gift of sacrifice and embrace His enduring lesson of forgiveness.”

    “Let us forgive one another and move on in unity.”

    From my wife, Lordina and I, we wish you a blessed and most glorious Easter.

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    The post attracted hundreds of thousands of comments from his followers from all parts of the world, with many of them expressing their heartfelt wishes for the former President – who is still the leader of the opposition NDC.

    Interestingly, even as H.E. Frmr President John Mahama’s post sought to promote forgiveness, peace and unity among Ghanaians, some people rather took the opportunity to express their hatred for him.

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    Abu Lansani M. Abanton “Good morning my brother, you refused to honor an invitation extended to you by the leadership of GonjaLand Youth Association which was hosted by your own backyard where you were MP for 12 Good years. Well Dr. Alhaji Mahamudu Bawumia attended it and made us proud. Bole didn’t feel your absence. Thank you”.

    Before the former President could respond to this comment, Abu Lansani M. Abanton had come under counter-attacks from a number of people with several replies.

    Maame Ama @Abu Lansani M. Abanton how does this connect to his message and did you find out why? Unnecessary comparison.

    Davis Tondam @Abu Lansani M. Abanton The reason was because you look down upon him by inviting Dr Bawumiliar to be part and disrespect him. That your Bawumiliar can’t not even smell flagbearership of NPP. You should be great full that NDC has treated we northerners well by picking our brother, uncle, father, husband, grandfather and our role model JM to lead NDC and he became president. He made us proud.

    Dramani Issifu @Abu Lansani M. Abanton shallow minded thinking, you didn’t feel his absence and why are complaining? JM personality won’t allow him to be attending bigotry programmes like your own. Siasem

    John Jeyon Elorm Baidoo @Abu Lansani M. Abanton If you never felt his absence, why are you here complaining?

    David Agbenyegah @Abu Lansani M. Abanton uselessness by all standards and disappointed northerner…u ar lucky like by now convid19 would have find level in your sick head.

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